At Lifestyle Consultations we provide individual and family consultations to improve your health with a lifestyle behaviour change focus for long-term results

  • Nutrition consultations include assessment of individual needs and tailored advice to improve diet quality
  • Practical advice around exercise and eating patterns
  • Meal plan development and review
  • Support of weight restoration and/or sustainable weight management
  • Reduction of destructive eating or exercise behaviours
  • Support challenges of fear foods or food environments
  • Support a positive relationship with all foods
  • Available in face-to-face format or online via your preferred method


Cooking Classes

  • Designed for those who haven’t always had a perfect relationship with food, cooking classes are extremely practical and range from conquering the kitchen basics to more advanced courses

The Nourish Program

  • Our eating disorders recovery groups are run by a multi-disciplinary team and include practical hands-on activities, skill development, education and support

Carer Support

  • Family members, parents, partners and other members of a client’s support network can meet with other carers and get questions answered by our team of health professionals at our carer support events


  • Our team provide bespoke interactive seminars to corporate groups, community groups and schools to improve health and wellbeing


  • Want to understand the latest in how the multidisciplinary Allied Health team support clients in the community? We provide information evenings for health professionals on the latest evidence-based practice, useful practitioner resources and support options available to your clients and carers
  • Professional supervision and mentoring for Dietitians is a confidential and safe space to use as you need. This may include debriefing workplace or client challenges, improving self-care, preventing burn-out and the exploration and development your practice as a health professional