• Five Week Virtual Cooking Course – Conquering the kitchen
    About the class: Designed for those who have not always had a positive relationship with food, this 5 week course is perfect for anyone ready to learn some basics to make the grocery store and kitchen tolerable! Chef William will take you through how to tackle the grocery shop, make the most of the food … Read more
  • Weekly eating disorders meal support, July – December 2021
    What is it? Meal support from a Dietitian and Psychologist within a small group setting in our little hub at Leichhardt. Due to COVID-19 our groups are now run in two smaller sessions to maximise client safety.  Morning tea group: 10-11.30am Lunch group: 12-1.30pm What to expect from groups:  To practice preparing and eating a … Read more
  • Christmas Brekkie Pop-in
    This Christmas day we are providing a breakfast check-in that you can pop-in to, to touch base, have a chat and relax, before racing off to whatever your day will bring…
  • Conquering Christmas – Group program
    Support from a Dietitian and Psychologist to answer questions on eating out during the silly season within a small group setting. This year we are running two groups on Friday 11th December 2020 at our little hub in Leichhardt, spaces limited. All food provided. RSVP essential.Cost: Free. Tackling lunch 12 noon – 2.30pm What to … Read more
  • Snacking
    Snacking sensibly at morning tea, afternoon tea and/or supper, can help reduce the risk of being over-hungry and over-eating at your next main meal. Snacking helps keep your energy levels up, reducing irritability and fatigue. Lastly it’s a great way to grab some additional nutrients, such as calcium for bones. When you are thinking about … Read more
  • Breakfast club – eating disorders support
    Next event – TBC – Five Dock Practice – Meal support and Craft talk Tea & coffee provided, BYO brekkie or purchase from cafes close by! As this is a free event, RSVP is essential as spots are limited
  • The Nourish Program
    Group therapy The Nourish Program provides a holistic multidisciplinary approach to the management of eating disorders. This program is for those who are currently working towards recovery and need additional support from a variety of healthcare practitioners. You must have our GP health check form completed before commencing the program. The program consists of twice … Read more
  • Health in Isolation
    Lifestyle choices around physical activity and nutrition are an important contributor to the management of chronic diseases and for optimising general health and wellbeing. Did you know less than half of adult Australians are eating the two serves of fruit per day, that’s adding a banana and an apple as snacks to tick the box … Read more
  • Building your support team
    Eating disorders require a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Here are the main players in the team and the rationale behind their involvement to help you understand who you may need on your side and why: Dietitian Assess intake for nutritional adequacy Improve diet quality Provide practical advice around food and eating patterns Meal plan prescription … Read more
  • Vegan or Carnivore?
    With vegetarian and vegan diets on the rise and an increased variety of meat-free alternative foods available – should we consider a switch from a typical meat-based diet? What are the benefits of being vegetarian or vegan VS a meat eater? I commonly see clients who have adopted vegetarian and vegan diets in order to … Read more
  • 5 Minute mindful eating
    Have you ever eaten a plate of food and not tasted a bite? Or forgot you ate because your mind was somewhere else? How often do you find yourself in autopilot mode? Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, noticing, paying attention intentionally. Being consciously aware of thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness can help with … Read more
  • To gluten or not to gluten…
    Most people I talk to have tried more than one type of restrictive fad diet, which usually ends in a binge followed by a self induced guilt-trip and tears. Egg free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, meat free… Whats the evidence suggesting we should do these? In the case of allergy or intolerance, yes removing these from the … Read more
  • Connecting with the world…
    Feeling tired and disconnected from yourself or your community? Do you want to give back or get involved? Do you need time out? Here is some food for thought! 1)   Put the phone down, step away from the laptop, hide your ipad (but not before you watch this video clip)… http://elitedaily.com/news/world/this-is-one-of-the-most-vital-messages-gen-y-needs-to-hear-video/ If you’re not yet up … Read more
  • The Lowdown on Fats & Oils
    Often made out as the bad guys, fats and oils are really just misunderstood. Fats and oils are imperative to our health and are an essential component in our nutrition plans. Fats and oils are important for our body, they: Protect your organs Are important for our nerves, brain and skin cells Assist in temperature … Read more
  • Book Review: “Eating in the Light of the Moon”
    By Dr. Anita Johnston This is a beautifully written book that weaves in myths, metaphors and fairy tales to guide you through its core themes. Useful not only for those who are developing skills to recover from disordered eating, this book is a positive, empowering and practical resource for exploring your understanding and relationship with … Read more
  • Ditch the Diet Products
    Diet products send the message that we need to be constantly dieting and aiming for weight loss. This can be destructive to a healthy nutrition plan and mindset. Diet products do not teach you how to change habits or behaviours that may be impacting on your weight concerns, they don’t teach you how to maintain … Read more